A wearable piece of art ingeniously designed

justshine.in is a fine onlineHandicraft and Home Decor retail store with a profound knowledge of best quality products and services. justshine.in is an effort by K V A Software to promote hand-crafted Handicraft and Home Decor, of India to the world’s stage. We are concerned with preserving the handcrafted heritage of India & make them available to everyone & everywhere.
Our mission is the preservation of the dying art of hand-crafted industry of Bengal and create a better life style to those person who are associated with it. We at justshine.in are inspired to be in this business of hand-woven traditional jewelleries & dresses for our love of Bengal & its rich artistic heritage. Inspired by the liveliness of Bengal, each piece of Home Decor justshine.in collection is exclusively hand-crafted with perfect precision.
The unique identity of our rich cultural heritage and art, it has been designed and redesigned over generations and presented in new avatars but never ceased to exist, such is the bond of Bengal with the world. In present world where everything is presented with a new flavour, Handicraft too has been experimented with, but the fact remains that modernization can never surpass the appeal and sensuality of the jewel as presented in its traditional incarnation and that’s why at justshine.in, we believe in bringing it in its purest and most attractive form directly from the designers to its lovers.
justshine.in has always taken pride in being a part of a one's special moments and promises a safe, secure and completely easy online Handicraft & home decor shopping experience to its esteemed customers. With a huge selection of , Handicraft and home décor products, justshine.in has been successful in making the process of finding the ideal products to enhance your beauty along with your home.

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